The New Way to aggregatevisualizeanalysecommunicate information.

In order to support the rapid new development and the worldwide adoption of the Internet of Things as well as the continued growth of M2M technology and its large scale applications in the future, Sightgate has been build to provide instant insights to information and actionable intelligence for our clients.

Who We Are

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through the use of sensors, advanced analytics and intelligent decisioning, will profoundly transform the way machines connect and communicate with the enterprise. Underpinning the effort is the reduction in operating and maintenance costs and an increase in reliability are top priorities for the industry.

To tackle these challenges, we developed an ultimate integrated platform that seamlessly Connect to your assets, Process your data, and Notify stakeholders via relevant rich-interactive and customizable dashboards. Sightgate transforms data to right information anytime anywhere and automatized the execution of tasks performed by cross-functional teams.

Capitalizing on the co-founders’ extensive field experience in the industry, a team of vetted developers, cutting hedge technology and a strong vision, we keep your assets function within specifications.

Our History